The Sword of the Magi now available

I just published The Sword of the Magi over at Amazon. I put it in the KDP Select program, meaning that you can only get it through Amazon for the next ninety days. Because it’s my first book in this genre and under this name, the extra publicity from KDP Select will be worth it. At least, that’s the thinking. After 90 days, the book will probably go on sale everywhere.

I’m excited. New adventures await!

Updates and notices:

1) If you’re interested in a review copy of The Sword of the Magi, let me know.

2) Progress meter on the sequel, A Heaven for Demons, is at 90% plotted, 5% written. That’s up from 85% plotted, 1% written last week.

3) Progress meters on various short stories that I plan to release under this name are as follows: 3 one-off short stories are at 100%, Feather Origin story #1 is at 10%, Silas Origin story #1 is at 25%.

4) Don’t forget to join the mailing list.

5) Happy New Year!

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